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 We keep families in touch

August 27, 2019

The NTouch call center is a much needed service in this day and time. I'm a caregiver for my for my mom and she lights up when someone reaches out to her. My mom is blessed because she has me! But what if she didn't have me, the NTouch call center would be a MUST for her.

This service can not only be life changing, it can save a life. I'm a huge supporter of NTouch because it touch lives in such a positive way.

Minister Cranford, founder of WAGOH (women after God's own heart-atl ministry)

August 2 2019

"It is very important and imperative in today's hectic world that the connection between loved ones is consistent. We all too often, get caught up in the chaos of our busy lives that we do not have the time, nor are able to find the time, to check in and on aging parents, ailing grandparents, disabled aunt/uncles, etc. This is often when tragedy  tends to strike. No one wants to have that type of consistent connection, especially during a critcal time. NTouch is that service!

As someone in Healthcare, I personally see the pitfalls of the disconnection and most often the outcome is preventable. Let NTouch bridge the gap...they are just a phone call away to peace of mind!"

Selby Thomas, Director, Emergency Transport