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 We keep families in touch

Eliminating a culture of isolation-One community at a time

Sometimes our hectic lifestyles make it difficult to stay in constant communication with our loved ones. Let us be the link that fill the gap.

My story:

So it's the holidays and I'm hearing some very disturbing news. I was working at a 65 and up independent facility when I learned that two of their residents passed away and no one found out until a couple days later. I was thinking how shameful that was and what could have been done. I talked to a few colleagues and discovered a solution. Providing a daily personal wake up call will eliminate the elderly being unnoticed. My name is Yvette and I received by BSW at Georgia State University. I've created a resource book for Henry County's Family and Children Services and was formerly an investigator for Cherokee County's DFCS with excellent reviews.


I would like to offer a personal wake up call to seniors. This service is daily and we welcome sponsors from friends, churches, neighbors, convalescent centers and more. A community involvement is needed.


If there's no response from a senior within 12 hours (after numerous attempts) their emergency contacts will be notified.


The world is moving at such a fast pace that we can barely keep up with our own personal schedules. In addition, balancing work  and the family is far more difficult now than when our parents raised us. Sadly, there are countless testimonies of loved ones being found in their homes deceased. These people are our parents, aunts, church members, neighbors and the list goes on. Since all seniors are our FAMILY they shouldn't be found unattended, having had strokes, found in diabetic comas,

injured from falls or ill from dehydration.


Ntouch is valuable because it works as a connection between the elderly in our community and their loved ones. This service is beneficial because you can not do it all and you can not be everywhere for everyone. Join Ntouch and let's eliminate  this problem that we're facing of isolation, disconnect, excuses and desensitization.

Our seniors are going unnoticed. Together let's heed the call.


The future has a way of arriving unannounced-George Wells